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The problem with an overactive mind

June 1, 2012

A wild blog post appears! (For those of you who are still irate over my blogging schedule, read my previous post.)

So what are we talking about today? Nothing much, really. I just wanted to transfer a couple of thoughts in text form so I can reread them later and laugh at my immature writing style. Just me blogging while listening to my obscure music tastes.

I lied. That is the problem, and the topic of this blog post. There is too much to talk about. I didn’t want to transfer a couple of thoughts in text form. Well, no, not that I didn’t want to; the problem is I can’t. Allow me to elaborate.

The main crux of the problem lies in the fact that I have an overactive mind. No I don’t do any substances–or vices for that matter–so I’m clear there. See, it took me an hour to write the next sentence. I have a short attention span, and that’s dangerous if you have a lot of ideas. The ideas go to waste because you forget about them or aren’t interested in them anymore–I nearly threw away this idea of a blog because I was bored writing it. I see blogging, and writing in general, as a way to “preserve” the ideas in my mind before I throw them away. And I need to finish writing this one before my mind drifts away again.

Focus and discipline are needed, to a degree, when thinking of ideas. Short attention spans and overactivity don’t help. If you have an idea–for a writeup, a story, a painting, a game, anything–write it down. Take care to highlight and visualize the idea entirely. At least preserve the idea permanently and only then can you set it aside before moving on to your next idea. Don’t get bored too easily for that wastes valuable thoughts. Focus and discipline.

So I guess I’m focused now on finishing up this blog post, however I’m out of ideas now. I suppose this is where I’m supposed to end the writeup now. Sure, I expected a better (and longer) post, but with elusive ideas jumping in my mind within microseconds, it can’t be helped that a few paragraphs is all I can spew out about the overactivity.

Either that or I seriously need to cut down on caffeine and get more regular sleep.


Rusty skills.

October 10, 2011


After what seems to be half a year, I finally get some free time to blog again, and redo and revisit some hobbies. It was mostly studies getting in the way, but one has to know his priorities.

Now that I have a decent, one-month break, that should be some ample time to repopulate my blog with real content (how many times have I said this), improve my programming skills (really saturated with college programming so I admit I’ve somewhat lost interest in hobby programming, i.e., the stuff they don’t teach you in class), maybe finally rebuild my website, play Minecraft (LOL), etc.

See you around. 🙂


Webcomics, programming, boredom.

April 13, 2011

Well, boredom in general. It’s summer, so I pretty much get to decide what time-wasters I indulge in. Thank goodness for good grades!

I’ve started reading webcomics again. Webcomics, basically are a comic-book-slash-computer nerd’s penultimate fetish. (Remind me never to blurt out such ever again.) Most of them aren’t even professional grade; most are products of hobby work, motivation, personal gain and whatnot. While a few are self-supporting of their authors, some don’t make money out of it. Also, I want to make mah own webcomicz, but it would be difficult without your own stuff fit for the purpose, for instance good drawing skill. Crap.

Anyways, two of the webcomics I regularly follow and read are Questionable Content and xkcd. If you want to embark on a webcomic-reading marathon or whatever, try those for a good start.

If I’m not reading webcomics, or playing Minesweeper (excuse the moderately obvious, nerd stereotype joke here) I’m usually making web apps. As part of my dogma that practice makes perfect (meh), I work on my ub3r1337 programming/h4xx0r skillz by writing in PHP and MySQL. Well, I guess the only thing PHP can’t do is love me, but WTF. That aside, I think PHP is more engaging than C++. While the syntax is more strict, usually I look for a more lenient environment, like me blogging instead of writing journals and SEO articles, but meh.

Well, 200 words seems like a decent wordcount. I’m off to continuing reading QC! Goodbye, my readers!*


* $Readers = $r, where $r > 2 || $r < 0; //I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist writing in pseudo-PHP. Bah. I’m a nerd. Take it easy on me.


I’m bored, and sleepy.

April 6, 2011

Akismet has protected your site from 423 spam comments already.

But why have I not had a real comment in ages? :/

Anywayz, I haz Twitter account. Follow meh if you so desire. And yes, I’m supposed to be sleeping already. Oh well, summer sleep-wake schedule kicks in, and I am nocturnal.


Foruming, again.

April 4, 2011

Hey, look, another blog post! I hope this one gets more views than my previous one on gotoxy(); LOL, those are probably people who needed help with their homework. Anyhoo, onto today’s topic then.

So I decided to run another forum. I know, owning a discussion forum is tedious and the last time I tried it I failed miserably, but I thought I’d take another shot at it. After all, what do I have to lose?

Owning a forum also meant advertising the forum everywhere I went. After all, where else would you get members than by promoting it, right? So that means, I look like an advertising bot now. To everyone that were to witness the spamming of my forum link, I am sorry. But if you join, I’ll stop. 😉 (Yes this also means that this blog post is another shot at getting new members.)

With trying to advertise said forum, I signed up on other forums. And suddenly, I find myself being attached to foruming again. Well, the last time I was “hooked” to foruming was with Symbianize. Ah, well, I am an overgrown has-been in that forum anyway; why should I bother being addicted to it again? Haha! But I sure do miss the days that I were a newbie at that forum.

Well, that ends my short anecdote on my foruming experience. See you readers (are there any?) around!

P.S. Here’s the link of mah forumz, if anyone’s interested.

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