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Well this is surprising

April 21, 2013

I come back after almost a year and find that my blog’s hits have skyrocketed to 10K. All without me posting new content since last year. LOL.

Well, at least that has further motivated me to write for this blog more (also because I am in need of a new hobby)

Segue: If you’re interested in some old school gaming, or general gaming videos, head on to my YouTube page. My current project is uploading some Crash Team Racing videos, so if that’s your thing, go watch my new videos, and subscribe if you would so like. Thanks! 🙂

2,000 hits after a long while

May 13, 2012

2,000 hits. Wow, that’s a lot of legit traffic, and very amazed that I achieved this after, um, 2 years after I opened the blog. Judging from my statistics, the programming posts seem to be popular (especially to the searchers) so maybe I should put more stuff like that if I want more hits.


Anyways, I just wanted to dedicate a little post to thank all those who visited my blog so far, and I hope that more and more people would read and subscribe (it helps because you get all the new content!) to this blog in the future.


Rusty skills.

October 10, 2011


After what seems to be half a year, I finally get some free time to blog again, and redo and revisit some hobbies. It was mostly studies getting in the way, but one has to know his priorities.

Now that I have a decent, one-month break, that should be some ample time to repopulate my blog with real content (how many times have I said this), improve my programming skills (really saturated with college programming so I admit I’ve somewhat lost interest in hobby programming, i.e., the stuff they don’t teach you in class), maybe finally rebuild my website, play Minecraft (LOL), etc.

See you around. 🙂


Yay, favicon!

January 31, 2011

Oh and a lot of other things. Basically I’m just conditioning myself to updating this blog on a (semi-)regular basis. One of the things I look forward to is sprucing up my WordPress blog (this one) with a personalized theme. I’ve been revisiting my HTML and CSS skills, and I hope to sharpen them once more. WORDPRESS THEME = CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.


(Sorry, got the urge to post in all caps. :D)


Hey look, a blog post!

January 29, 2011

I totally forgot I had a WordPress blog. So, here I am, I decided to post an entry. Yet, I have nothing to talk about again.

Oh well, I will get back to you later.

(I should’ve just used QuickPress for this entry.)



September 26, 2010

Yes. I’m effin’ busy. 😦 Actually, the business only started recently, starting with a video project I had to finish overnight. (Don’t worry, I finished it. :D)

I guess I should be grateful I’m starting to get stacked up. That means I know what I’m doing, I want to accomplish something, and I want to be productive. 🙂 But dammit, one-day weekends are not enough! LOL. This schedule is wacky, but it’s better than most other college class schedules. (Imagine people going to school at 7AM and going home 5PM at the least.)

Finals week is coming up for me, too. And once that’s done, I sure hope I make use of the break before the next semester comes up. (Hoping that I won’t be busy after the exams) There’s so much stuff I want to do for myself, and so much stuff I want to have fun with. 🙂 Christmas is coming up too! I sure hope I get to have a decent Christmas this year. 🙂

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll probably be back at the end of the semester. Probably.


Now we’re talking.

July 10, 2010

90+ hits so far. Thanks to Facebook, for the most part. 😉

UPDATE: 100 hits! Thanks guys! 😀

Now if only I could capitalize on advertising revenue. :))

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