Hi! I’m InstilledBee and I own this blog. Well, not everyone knows me. That’s because, one, I’m a kid, and two, I’m a Filipino. OK, the joke’s not that funny.

So this is just a personal blog I decided to whip up. Genre? Who needs genre? Blogs aren’t supposed to have genres! Well, themes perhaps. I can’t think of one right now for this one. Let’s just say that whatever comes into my mind, it goes here, except for deepest, darkest desires that is.

Well, it is a personal site after all, anything under the sun goes. But mostly, I’d be blogging about programming, technology, art, gaming, and geek humor. Yep, you read that right. Better get out now.

Anyways, whenever I get the time, or enough boredom, I’ll probably write an entry or two here. But it’s going to be an irregularly updated blog. Still, have fun reading my blog, or at least I hope you do. 😀

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