The problem with an overactive mind

June 1, 2012

A wild blog post appears! (For those of you who are still irate over my blogging schedule, read my previous post.)

So what are we talking about today? Nothing much, really. I just wanted to transfer a couple of thoughts in text form so I can reread them later and laugh at my immature writing style. Just me blogging while listening to my obscure music tastes.

I lied. That is the problem, and the topic of this blog post. There is too much to talk about. I didn’t want to transfer a couple of thoughts in text form. Well, no, not that I didn’t want to; the problem is I can’t. Allow me to elaborate.

The main crux of the problem lies in the fact that I have an overactive mind. No I don’t do any substances–or vices for that matter–so I’m clear there. See, it took me an hour to write the next sentence. I have a short attention span, and that’s dangerous if you have a lot of ideas. The ideas go to waste because you forget about them or aren’t interested in them anymore–I nearly threw away this idea of a blog because I was bored writing it. I see blogging, and writing in general, as a way to “preserve” the ideas in my mind before I throw them away. And I need to finish writing this one before my mind drifts away again.

Focus and discipline are needed, to a degree, when thinking of ideas. Short attention spans and overactivity don’t help. If you have an idea–for a writeup, a story, a painting, a game, anything–write it down. Take care to highlight and visualize the idea entirely. At least preserve the idea permanently and only then can you set it aside before moving on to your next idea. Don’t get bored too easily for that wastes valuable thoughts. Focus and discipline.

So I guess I’m focused now on finishing up this blog post, however I’m out of ideas now. I suppose this is where I’m supposed to end the writeup now. Sure, I expected a better (and longer) post, but with elusive ideas jumping in my mind within microseconds, it can’t be helped that a few paragraphs is all I can spew out about the overactivity.

Either that or I seriously need to cut down on caffeine and get more regular sleep.

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