jQuery – Cookie Manipulation

May 17, 2011

Okay, you can call me the web designer who has been living under a rock (wow, now that I think about it this must hold true for some. :P) but I’ve only harnessed the power of jQuery recently (on a website I’m working on). I was reading up the documentation until I couldn’t find something I was looking for: setting cookies via jQuery.

Since I want the code to be organized I was thinking of doing everything Javascript via jQuery anyway (hey, it’s write less, do more. ;)) For those of you who can’t find it, there’s a cookie plugin for jQuery available at their repository. Click here. Kudos to the author, carhartl, as this was the exact thing I’m looking for. Everything can be done, reading, setting and deleting cookies, via a single $.cookie() function.

Hey, at least I have content for today. 😀 Stay tuned for I may have more stories to tell about my jQuery escapades. Or whatever.

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