You don’t “learn to write a personal blog”

May 12, 2011

So I saw one of the search queries on my blog was on how-to ‘writing a “personal” blog’ (which I have a post about it here). I then thought of actually sharing some tips, to help that person who was searching (and probably my lone blog post didn’t help. :D)

Then I started thinking, what is the essence of a “personal” blog? It’s actually right there: it’s personal. It’s about you. It’s about how much you’re willing to pour yourself out to your blog, your audience, and your content. It’s not personal if you’re not willing to come out of some pseudo-shell made of ego or whatever floats your boat.

I’ve seen a lot of successful bloggers, whose genre is “personal”, and the secret to gaining many followers and/or readers is that the content is uniquely you. It’s about taking a first glance at a blog’s home page and thinking, “what a unique blog”, and being impressed at how great the writer is in being himself or herself through blogging. Of course, none of this success happens overnight. It takes months or even years to get a lot of loyal followers who respect what you write.

Of course, let’s not forget about being professional and civil over the Internet. Personal is good, yes, but keep it tasteful. You can blog about something interesting that happened to you today, but you don’t gossip about your mother-in-law’s husband and say that those personal matters can be considered personal blog content. Know your limits on how personal you want it to be, and how personal it has to be from the viewpoint of other people.

Bottom line: A personal blog is something about you. There’s no de facto guidelines on making it work. Just be yourself, and if you get the formula right, the good stuff that comes out of it flows smoothly.

Of course, why take some advice from a blogger who only has 400+ unique hits? I’m pretty much a newbie at this thing anyway. 😉 Hope this helps to that person who searched my blog. Come back here and search again! I have new, more helpful content! 😀

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