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April 13, 2011

Well, boredom in general. It’s summer, so I pretty much get to decide what time-wasters I indulge in. Thank goodness for good grades!

I’ve started reading webcomics again. Webcomics, basically are a comic-book-slash-computer nerd’s penultimate fetish. (Remind me never to blurt out such ever again.) Most of them aren’t even professional grade; most are products of hobby work, motivation, personal gain and whatnot. While a few are self-supporting of their authors, some don’t make money out of it. Also, I want to make mah own webcomicz, but it would be difficult without your own stuff fit for the purpose, for instance good drawing skill. Crap.

Anyways, two of the webcomics I regularly follow and read are Questionable Content and xkcd. If you want to embark on a webcomic-reading marathon or whatever, try those for a good start.

If I’m not reading webcomics, or playing Minesweeper (excuse the moderately obvious, nerd stereotype joke here) I’m usually making web apps. As part of my dogma that practice makes perfect (meh), I work on my ub3r1337 programming/h4xx0r skillz by writing in PHP and MySQL. Well, I guess the only thing PHP can’t do is love me, but WTF. That aside, I think PHP is more engaging than C++. While the syntax is more strict, usually I look for a more lenient environment, like me blogging instead of writing journals and SEO articles, but meh.

Well, 200 words seems like a decent wordcount. I’m off to continuing reading QC! Goodbye, my readers!*


* $Readers = $r, where $r > 2 || $r < 0; //I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist writing in pseudo-PHP. Bah. I’m a nerd. Take it easy on me.

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