Foruming, again.

April 4, 2011

Hey, look, another blog post! I hope this one gets more views than my previous one on gotoxy(); LOL, those are probably people who needed help with their homework. Anyhoo, onto today’s topic then.

So I decided to run another forum. I know, owning a discussion forum is tedious and the last time I tried it I failed miserably, but I thought I’d take another shot at it. After all, what do I have to lose?

Owning a forum also meant advertising the forum everywhere I went. After all, where else would you get members than by promoting it, right? So that means, I look like an advertising bot now. To everyone that were to witness the spamming of my forum link, I am sorry. But if you join, I’ll stop. 😉 (Yes this also means that this blog post is another shot at getting new members.)

With trying to advertise said forum, I signed up on other forums. And suddenly, I find myself being attached to foruming again. Well, the last time I was “hooked” to foruming was with Symbianize. Ah, well, I am an overgrown has-been in that forum anyway; why should I bother being addicted to it again? Haha! But I sure do miss the days that I were a newbie at that forum.

Well, that ends my short anecdote on my foruming experience. See you readers (are there any?) around!

P.S. Here’s the link of mah forumz, if anyone’s interested.

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