Multitasking with a short attention span.

July 10, 2010

This post I am writing whilst browsing Facebook, running GArena and playing on my ePSXe emulator. LOL.

OK, I don’t know if I should commend myself, scold myself or be proud of myself, with the fact that I am able to multitask easily. But, is it really multitasking, or a lame excuse for a short attention span?

I guess my attention span (the length of a thumb) is the one to “blame” for my “multitasking”. Sigh.

I can’t focus on one thing alone for too long, that’s why I go focus on another thing, while leaving behind what I already started doing in the first place. I have issues with trying to finish what I started. 😐

I really should grow up. I’m not a toddler whose negligible attention span is to be tolerated, especially now that I should take my work seriously.

First things first– I’ll decide which application to close. XD


  1. FACEBOOK! XD joke! :D:D

  2. IKR. 😐

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