College life makes me feel indifferent.

June 27, 2010

Hey look, something new to blog about!




School started at around Wednesday 2 weeks ago. (June 16th to be exact.) School was one of the reasons I wasn’t able to blog. Nevertheless, I find the first few days of my college life, er, interesting at best.


Since this is a freshman year, I kinda expected a blast from the past, meaning that highschool hijinks are still there despite graduating from that phase. Well, we still are teenagers technically. But I’m sure maturity is fast approaching, especially since academics in college are very, very, very, stressful. (I cannot stress this enough, no matter how redundant I sound.)


Eh. I need to cut down on the nerd humor. You know, stuff that only I laugh about. At least, that’s what I think I need for college. I need to start writing stuff that other people will laugh about, except when they are laughing at me. That’s a different story entirely. 😛


I apologize if you did not get any of the humor today. Still, it’s my blog, and I obey no rules but mine. 😀

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