My blog is my personal outlet

June 9, 2010

Well, I just wanted to share it. Quite frankly, a blog’s got to have a purpose, right? It can’t be all one-liner entries all the time. That’s what Plurk is for. 😛

I originally started this blog out of boredom. It was a spontaneous thought. I was sitting in front of my computer, thinking of what to do, and blogging came up. And I thought, “Hey! It’s a good way to go lax on my writing, though at the same time avoiding letting it go to waste.” That’s a good starting point for a blog’s purpose.

A blog won’t go looking for its purpose alone; you have to give your blog its purpose.

So what do I really want my blog to be? Besides being my personal outlet, occasionally ranting about random shit in my life, allowing me to vent out steam. I still need to think it through. What do I really want to write?

Perhaps, in the future entries, this blog would shape up towards what it needs, and what I want it, to be. 🙂

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